We have expanded our capabilities and now offer our signature Subaru services for other Japanese auto brands including Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Acura, Lexus and Infiniti.

We now offer tire mounting and balancing service.


We offer oil changes with synthetic oil and OEM oil filters. This service also includes a free 120-point full car inspection: under the hood, all lights, interior and under the vehicle, check air pressure in tires, and tire rotation if necessary.

This service cost may be higher then the local “Speedy” oil change shops, but TD Garage offers high quality Motul full synthetic oils that do not break down or leave residue in your engine. Our oil filters are OEM filters that have a higher filtration than any other aftermarket brand currently available.

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STARTING AT $150.00 (Up to 5 quarts)

We can take care of your factory regular maintenance but without the factory prices. The 30k mile intervals are very important because your car’s critical components are checked and replaced.

The service consists of draining/refilling the motor oil, transmission oil, differential(s) oil, fuel filter (not on all models), spark plugs, air filter, rotate tires, washer fluid, check/adjust tire pressures, torque wheels, and inspect drivetrain/belts.

30K STARTING AT $350.00

The 105k mile service takes care of your car’s most important components, improving the longevity of your vehicle. We can take care of your factory regular maintenance without the factory prices. Includes removal & installation of: timing belt, new tensioner, new idler pullies, new water pump & gasket, radiator hoses & clamps, new thermostat & gasket, and new Subaru OE coolant. We use high quality OEM parts. Any additional parts that may be needed will incur extra cost (accessory belts, ignition wire set, spark plugs, air filter, and fuel filter, etc.)

We recommend valve adjustments on single or dual overhead cams as an add on to the 105k service.


Certain Subarus (2.5l non-turbo models from 1999-2011) have a common issue with head gaskets seeping oil, usually starting around 60,000 miles. We recommend replacing the head gasket during the 105K service for these vehicles. This includes all the components serviced during the timing belt service plus removing and resurfacing cylinder heads, resurfacing valves, installing new valve stem seals, and replacing head gasket with upgraded Subaru parts that do not show this issue.


Over the life of your auto you will need to replace the brake pads, resurface the rotors, or replace them. This service is straightforward and can usually be completed same day. The service consists of new OE Subaru brake pads and new OE or equivalent rotors.

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The clutch life on your car depends on the driving habits and driving locations. The service consists of draining then removing the transmission, resurfacing or replacing the flywheel, and installing new clutch disc, pressure plate, release bearing, and pilot bearing. This service can usually be completed same day. On some vehicles we recommend replacing certain seals and fluids.

STARTING AT $1700.00

  • Check Engine/Diagnostic services
  • Presale inspections
  • Engine rebuilding
  • Cylinder head services
  • Valve cover gasket service
  • Manual transmission rebuilding
  • A/C recharge services
  • Suspension service