It is time for your vehicle to have it’s timing belt replaced.  The owner’s manual states replacement of timing belt at 105k miles.   Most consumers will call around looking for the best price.    Ask questions beyond just the price, what does the service include, what kind of parts are being used?  There is a difference and in the case of auto repair the difference usually shows up after the warranty on the repair is over.  Understanding the repair should last fairly close to the amount of time the original part lasted is just as important as understanding the lower priced service may represent a lower value obtained.One shops timing belt replacement may differ greatly from the next and there is a right way and a cheap way.

There are many different levels of parts quality. Some shops will gravitate to the lowest cost part and as long as its new and lasts the standard warranty period of one year that’s all that matters to them. If you are calling around for the best price on a service you really need to understand there may be a difference in the quality of the service your vehicle will receive having the timing belt done isn’t nearly as good as having it done completely with quality components by technicians that really know what to look out for on your vehicle.

The timing belt has a big job to do it must keep the camshafts spinning in time with the crank shaft.  This is so the valves open up at the proper time in the combustion cycle in correlation with air and fuel coming in, compression and spark exploding the mixture and the exhaust valves opening up to release the leftovers.  At the same time the timing belt needs to turn the water pump and be able to self adjust in current models.  Over time the rubber stretches out above the tensioner’s ability to keep it tight under all load conditions when that happens, it will cause performance issues, increase fuel consumption or it may even slip over the water pump pulley and at that time the water pump may not pump enough coolant through the engine leading to overheating.

Here at TD Garage we service your vehicle so there are no issues later by doing the job correctly.  We offer a lower price than the Dealer service department but in some cases will be priced higher than a lube shop offering a timing belt replacement.  This is a typical situation across the country, independent repair shops will typically be lower priced than a dealer service department but more expensive than “Quick Auto repair” and that is typically because we know the right parts to use and take pride in offering the best service possible. Quick auto may not realize ta certain part is going to fail, or that there is a service bulletin pertaining to the timing belt tensioner and bracket.

The timing belt should be replaced at the 105k interval but the procedure to replace the belt is more complex than just replacing the belt. Some shops give you the option to just replace the belt, and sure that is a cheap and quick fix, but there is more to the timing belt then just the belt. The large expense of replacing the timing belt is the labor but once the Technician is behind the timing covers there are a lot of things that can be done to limit forward going ownership costs.  We hear all the time about the dealer or another shop replacing the timing belt and leaving a tensioner to fail at a later date.  That either causes major engine problems, and if it doesn’t then the customer will have to pay an extra amount of money for a technician to do the same job over for for a couple of idler pulleys or tensioner.  Most times the timing belt does not fail, but the idler pulleys go out because of the bearings, or the hydroponic tensioner does not provide enough tension on the timing belt.

This first picture shows what can happen when a timing belt tensioner is left to chance.  This tensioner was ignored by a Dealer service department in another state only to fail 6 months later and the cost was significant as the timing belt came off and valve train damage was done.  What could have been done for $152.00 or so (depending on the dealers mark up above list price) Turned into a $2000.00 valve job plus the cost of the tensioner, damaged timing belt and the time without a functioning vehicle.


Here is a picture showing the difference between the O.E. Timing belt idler and one made by an aftermarket parts company.  The original part used and the one superseded by call for a double bearing type idler and this one shown in the picture is a far cry from a part that “meets or exceeds” original parts manufacture.
tdg-timing2 tdg-timing3









There is no need to sacrifice quality when saving money.  A good independent Subaru repair shop can save you money over a higher priced dealer service department and do much more for less.

That is what we offer at TD Garage: quality repairs you can rely on.

We are an independent Subaru service & repair facility. We have many years of dealer experience and racing background. We use Subaru parts, and test them on our track cars and have expert knowledge to fix the issue right the first time.